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Curly has had a tough beginning in life. He was found hiding behind a feeder, abandoned by his mother, shivering, and alone the morning of his birth. Curly hadn't received any of the necessary nutrients that mother's milk provides a baby goat and so he was slowly creeping into a comatic state. Dr. Verde gave Curly some antibiotics, but without any nutrition baby Curly's state grew worse to a point of being limp and near-death the following morning. Karen was advised by Dr. Verde to tube feed Curly some goats milk and Curly responded to treatment quite well, returning to a happy apparently healthy baby goater within two days of being tube fed and he learned how to suckle a bottle quite quickly (top right). However, due to a joint infection called "joint ill" Curly began to have diarrhea and lost all use of his limbs almost overnight. You can see the walker we built for him in the picture middle right. We're happy to report that Curly recovered fully and now lives a full and happy life as a BurbFarm resident.